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Victoria's #1 university for best education experience *

As one of Australia's leading tertiary education providers, Deakin offers a personalised experience enhanced by world-class programs and innovative digital engagement. As an internationally recognised university for over 45 years, Deakin University has supported over 300,000 students on their journeys towards success in the educational and professional pathways.
With four outstanding campuses in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool, and a premium online learning platform that exceeds any other in Australia, all 60,000 of Deakin students enjoy unlimited access to world-leading facilities and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere – regardless of whether they're studying on campus or online.
Being Victoria's #1 university for best education experience, Deakin features practical learning allowing students to apply the knowledge & skills gained, in real world circumstances .
Another highlighting aspect of Deakin University is their strength in Research & Innovation conducted in world leading research facilities with a multidisciplinary approach with the objective of inspiring young researchers. Deakin brings together different schools of thinking to help us solve some of the biggest, most complex global challenges. This application of shared knowledge keeps people at the centre its research.
ABE is a not-for-profit skills development specialist and Ofqual-regulated awarding organisation. It provides internationally recognised qualifications in the fields of business, entrepreneurship and employability.
ABE was founded by Dr Lyndon Jones in 1973, originally with the name The Association of Business Executives. The organisation was built with a clear social purpose: to improve business education for aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries. Over the last five decades, we have built a network of international partners across four continents. Since we started around 1.5-million people globally have gained an ABE professional business qualification.

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